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Installing Electrical Outlet

Terms & Conditions


 . My workmanship comes with a 6 year guarantee* Please note there is £74.00 excl Vat minimum charge for labour on all jobs. In some cases it can work out better value for money for yourself if there are more than one small job you want done at the same time. If this is the case please get in touch and I will see what I can do. For all works over £150 excluding VAT a deposit of 35% is required upon acceptance of this quote. Upon on completion of the Job , Once full payment has been received the EIC (Electrical Installation Certificate) or Minor Works Certificate will be sent out via email. All work will be carried out according to the BS7671 18th edition & building control notified if necessary. All quotes assume the current wiring is up to standard and no faults are present. any faults found will be charged at our minimum charge rate per hour plus materials  


All work is carried out in accordance with BS7671:2020 (IET Wiring Regulations 18th Edition).

The installation will comply with Part P of the Building Regulations (2005). Where required, on completion Robertsons Electrical Ltd will issue the relevant certification and inform your local building control office of the nature and extent of the works carried out.



Robertsons Electrical Ltd guarantees all work for a period of 12 months from completion, provided that the work is not altered or interfered with in any way (including third party repairs). Materials and components are subject to

manufacturer's warranty.

All installation work is covered by the NICEIC 6 year insurance-backed Warranty Scheme.



Power may be shut off as the work is carried out and a temporary supply fitted(rewires or critical circuits only). Flooring may be lifted to provide access. In order to run new cables the contractor may need to open channels in the ceilings and walls, we will fill these channels to a bonding coat only.

The above may not apply to every project and your electrician will advise you on the day.



Robertsons Electrical Ltd will take every care to avoid damage during the execution of works, however, dependent on the age of the property and the type of work contracted it is possible that some slight damage may be inevitable, i.e. cracking or breaking of dried floorboards, cracks to plaster near channeling, carpets not refitting tightly. We cannot be held responsible for repairs to such damage.



Robertsons Electrical Ltd, will require the payment of a deposit prior to booking works into their schedule of works.

Unless otherwise agreed, no other payment will be required until the works have been completed. Upon completion, the balance of the monies owed will become due. Larger projects may require interim payments, and this will be agreed in advance. Robertsons Electrical Ltd accept most methods of payment including BACS, bank transfer & most major credit & debit cards.

All materials including fittings, cables and other components remain the property of Robertsons Electrical Ltd until full and final payment is made.



1. Additional works (that is, those not specifically noted in this quotation) will be subject to charges at our normal rate of £74 per hour + vat.

2. All fittings remain the property of Robertsons electrical Ltd until full and final payment is received.

3. All fittings and components provided as white plastic conforming to the relevant British standards (unless                otherwise stated).

4. Where making good is necessary, Robertsons Electrical Ltd will make good to a bonding coat finish only. This will require a smooth coat once dry.

5. Robertsons electrical Ltd will provide materials and labour unless otherwise stated.

6. Robertsons electrical Ltd will have access to the property on the days agreed. The job duration quoted assumes vacant access and the absence of delays or disruptions by other trades. Any delays due to disruption or impeded access may result in additional charges.

7. Robertsons electrical Ltd will not be responsible for waste removal.

8. Occupants will need to ensure that the floor spaces of all rooms are clear. Any delays due to unclear spaces will result in additional charges.

9.    Certificates, where required, will be forwarded on receipt of full payment via email within 28 days

10.    Parking permits are to be provided where required, otherwise parking costs will be added to the final invoice.

T & Cs: Accessibility Policy
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